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First the Novella and now the Film!

In early 2019, City Fiction Limited released the sixth title in its Novella Nostalgia series, ‘A Search For The Truth’.

The Novella tells the story of university undergraduate Lily Jane Huddleston, who, in her search for a first-class honours degree, is encouraged by her tutor to write a 10,000 word dissertation entitled, ‘To Define a Jew’. It takes her into the world of Judaism and Zionism.

Along the way she is helped by her partner James and assistant rabbi Israel Rabinovich. Her labours turn into a love both of the religion and her two mentors. Finally, she has to make a choice between the two of them with devastating consequences.

The Novella Nostalgia series uses the unique format of the novella to rediscover various memorable movies from the history of cinema. Written by Tony Drury, and assisted by his Jewish business partner, David Sinclair, ‘A Search for The Truth’ has received international acclaim across the United Kingdom, Israel, Hong Kong and the US.

The Inception of the Film

In April, 2019, City Fiction was approached by London-based corporate financier, David Scott, Chairman of Alexander Securities Limited, who suggested that the novella should be made into a feature film. The respected Shepperton Studios producer, Paul Tucker, who was involved in four James Bond films, accepted an offer to become the consultant producer.

The publicist for City Fiction, Teresa Quinlan, the founder of the Love PR London, immediately began to design the campaign and an initial fund-raising presentation was produced. The publisher, David Lyons of City Fiction, gave his agreement to the preparation of the draft documentation.

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