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Tony Visits Gloucester Book Club

12th November 2017

Eight ladies and four men, all members of the Gloucester Book Club, met with Tony on Saturday 11 November to discuss books, films and novellas. With their interest in films …

Behind the scenes at BBC 3 Counties Radio

17th October 2017

Today Tony Drury, now a keen contributor to both the Entertainment and Political Programme on BBC 3CR had the pleasure of being shown around the studios by Claudia Redmond, a …

Review from Jennifer – member of The Girly Book Club

24th September 2017

“Tony Drury has a series of novellas that are short modern version of classics, and well written. I have really enjoyed getting to read each one, and hoping he’s working …

Gloucester book club review – ‘Twelve Troubled Jurors’

22nd September 2017

“Really enjoyed this novella. Well written and the use of language superb. The author managed to somehow transport me into the jury room and gave me a lot of insight …

Fantastic 5* Review Just In

30th August 2017

“I’ve just been on holiday with my wife and Tony Drury. The latter not literally of course, but literature-ly. I really enjoyed Forever on Thursdays which tells the story of …

‘Forever on Thursdays’ is published

14th August 2017

The third in the Novella Nostalgia series, which links iconic cinema classics with modern stories, is now available on Amazon Books (search Tony Drury). A quick link is - Buy …

‘This Novella is perfect entertainment for a morning commute.’ (5 stars)

22nd July 2017

“A quirky love story between the intelligent yet eccentric Ella and the Charming Harry. Long lunches and trips to toy shops, this colourful tale is cinematic in style, just like …

Love is not lost in any circumstances.

22nd June 2017

“I loved the book Twelve Troubled Jurors recently available. It was very interesting to find out what goes on in the court room, and how the jurors come to a …

A great read and looking forward to the next in the series (5 stars)

16th June 2017

This is the latest book in the Novella series by Tony Drury. This short story is a fascinating tale about the trials and tribulations that each and every jury faces, …

‘Twelve Troubled Jurors’ gets 5 Star Amazon review.

15th June 2017

An intriguing insight into human behaviour and our court system. Another great short read from Mr Tony Drury. The storytelling engages you so much you really do want to know …

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