Gloriana is a hit with readers

03 Oct

Reviews of recently published author Oliver James Richbell’s new novella ‘Gloriana’ are coming in….. To get your copy Purchase from Amazon


4* – A plot to assassinate the British Prime Minister.
“This novella is a brilliant first book by new author Oliver Richbell. Inspired by the film Valkyrie, it is about a plot to assassinate the British Prime Minister. Will it succeed? Read it and find out, it is well worth it. It gains a quick pace up to the explosion, and Glorians is implemented. and there are many twists and turns before you find out the answer. I particularly liked the way the conspirators were introduced at the start of the book, this made it a very easy book to read. The characterisation was good too. A great holiday or commuter read.”
Missizdee – Amazon purchase


5* – Review of Gloriana
“Like most people I have had the best intentions of reading more but books but have failed miserably. My bookshelves are full of books which I’ve started reading but never finished, 95% of the pages are still untouched. All victims of distractions of modern life.

Gloriana was the perfect solution! Calling it a short story would do it an injustice, it’s no Mills and Boon (thankfully). It’s a fast paced, gripping, page turner that I struggled to put down.

I thoroughly enjoyed Gloriana and will certainly read more of the Novella series”
Jeremy Chapman – Amazon purchase


5* – A topical political drama.
“A great fast moving thriller, set in the present. The political characters are all so representative of todays establishment !! One imagines that the story line could easily be tomorrows news headlines. A good read, easily achieved in one go. Not to be missed !!”
Judy Dsenis-Constantine – Amazon purchase


5* – Two hour’s trendy yet thrilling entertainment, what what
“A timely and relevant novella from a new writer, who has a particularly amusing way of taking an exciting conspiracy story and adding little bits of real life that engage the readers in a ‘that happened to me!’ fashion. Utilising a base-line from a WWII event, Richbell introduces the conspiracy at the ‘Right, let’s go!’ point, thus avoiding the need for over-explanation of a background while still providing enough as he goes along to ensure that the reader knows what the reader needs to know. That’s not to say character depth isn’t present, just that there is no more than needed for the tale to work. Readers will probably recognise the characters from their own lives, an additional ‘personalisation’ the writer provides.

If I was to be over-sensitive to one trait that briefly bugged me, it would be the tortured names of the characters – I would love to know the source idea for some of them. They are occasionally of the Featherstonehaugh (pronounced Fanshawe) variety, but this whinge is not relevant any further than when the characters first meet. And as it starts at the ‘let’s go’ point, they conveniently meet all at once, after which the haw-haw names lose importance.

This thriller can easily be read in an hour or two so makes a great Newport-London (or equivalent) railway read. But above all, the timeliness of the book, referring as it does to the Brexit situation while it is still actually happening, is inspired.

Buy it now: by March 2019 it may actually have happened!

(In which case the author may have some explaining to do.)”
Three Resolutions Guy – Amazon purchase


4* – Gloriana
“I have just finished ready “Gloriana” by Oliver Richbell. A very absorbing Novella with a frightening premise. I read it over two sessions which for me is fast.. I wanted to get to the conclusion as it was so frighteningly realistic! The characters are very diverse and interesting. A perfect read for someone who is looking for a good story to read on a flight or train journey where you do not have to put it down until the end.”
Vivien Phillips – Amazon purchase


5* – A really well written drama
“This is a really gripping political novella. The author describes the characters involved brilliantly and the plot is absolutely absorbing. The book holds your attention completely and I recommend its reading very highly. Congratulations to Oliver Richbell for his first book. More please.”
Doogles7 – Amazon purchase


5* – A Great Read
“Just finished reading ‘Gloriana’ by Oliver Richbell. It’s a superb book relating to BREXIT and is inspired by ‘Valkyrie’ – the 2008 movie about the attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1945.

This was a fascinating glimpse of what could happen as part of the stresses caused by BREXIT. The amazing thing is that it’s the author’s first book that’s been published.

It’s well worth a read.”
Mr N – Amazon purchase


4* – A great novel based on a real-time scenario!
“This book is based on the cinema classic, Valkyrie, and has been modernised on Brexit, which is dominating the every day lives of all of us. The plot centres around an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister because of their refusal to stop Brexit from proceeding. Could this be real?! I suggest the Prime Minister thoroughly searches all briefcases in their presence!

The ‘coup’ is orchestrated by those close to the Prime Minister, although it felt like you had to have an extremely posh name to be allowed to entered into this group!

The story itself is fast moving, starting off with the group meeting to discuss final plans. This quickly transpires to the actual event and, as with the film on which it is based, an air of suspense which keeps the reader guessing and wanting to find out the conclusion.

Well worth a read and a great first attempt.”
Avid reader – Amazon purchase

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